Negin, as expected!

It’s as if it was just yesterday that I saw a teenage Negin standing on the theme park stage, singing a cover on Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”! Negin Djafari is a homie and comes from a family of cultural personalities. She is yet another young and talented Sweden-based Iranian artist that I have had the pleasure of witnessing the blossoming of. In an entire decade Negin has been active off stage as a songwriter, she has written songs for Miley Cyrus, Amy Diamond, Agnes, Dannii Minogue and Asian artists such as BoA and Kumi Koda. One of her latest pieces “Run”, co-written by the legendary Desmond Child was performed by her long-time collaborator Anders Fernette at this year’s Swedish preliminaries for Eurovision. In other words this young lady has taken a craftsman’s path and paid her dues, now being ready for an official debut on stage as a singer/songwriter. I have to say that her hot from the oven “Unexpected” has blown me away, but to be honest not unexpectedly! I did not expect any less from this young lady, so needless to say I’m proudly and eagerly anticipating her upcoming debut album. Enjoy the gorgeous voice and music of Negin!

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