Fitzsimmons sooths me back on my feet

I’m recovering from a streptococcal infection which brought me down two weeks ago. I haven’t felt so ill in God knows how many years, and the many days of high fever (since it took me four days to realise that it must be more than just a cold and get my azz to a doctor) has taken its toll on both my health and work. I’m lounging here right now with a pile of books on one side and my giant cup of tea on the other trying to catch up, meanwhile the brand new album of William Fitzsimmons is being streamed through the speakers and calming my senses. The therapeutic music of Fitzsimmons has always had a healing effect on me, hopefully it will get me up on my feet by tomorrow for an adequate Norooz celebration … not to mention a hectic week ahead!

Here is an interesting mini documentary about the man and his new album:

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