Pourya’s pick #14

Finally comes a video for my favourite Marsian song! 30 Seconds to Mars re-vamped and re-released their successful latest album last year, this time including the version of “Hurricane” that I loved, featuring Kanye. It is really amazing how their voices and styles complete each other in this song. Sadly the video of “Hurricane” which I had hoped for and was recently released is not of that version, it misses Kanye’s cry! Nevertheless a great video that met all my hopes and expectations and the Terry Richardson cameo made up for Kanye’s absence. I love the aesthetic, poetic and symbolic language of this video! Very 90’s in style. This is a dark world I would love to get lost in, a beautiful nightmare! Unfortunately VEVO wont let some of us Europeans see the uncensored version but if you can and have the heart for it do catch that one instead!

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