Punk Perfected

Just when you’ve started to think that something perfect can’t get more perfect than it already is, Daft Punk come and prove you wrong! The French Electro-FUNK duo have just released a remixed version of their internationally successful soundtrack for “TRON: Legacy“, with fresh and crispy remixes by more and less known names such as Paul Oakenfold, Moby and Teddybears. Along with two brand new tracks! This is to my knowledge the first original motion picture soundtrack in history that has received such treatment. What makes these remixes even more excellent and exceptional is that despite their diversity they are incredibly homogeneous, as if one single person has done them all! Something which further emphasises Daft Punk’s ability to both pick and produce perfection. “TRON: Legacy Reconfigured” might be a remix album, but it could just as well have been called a completely new collection since it is how it sounds like!

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