New Release: Nima Masiha – Tavahom

Nima Masiha’s long overdue album “Tavahom” is finally released on IranGam, as a part of the recent mass come-backs of first gen post-revolution POP singers. Masiha, in particular, has had a tight governmental connection in recent years and been the star of the Symphony of Revolution. The nine track collection features the work of Pourya Heydari, Niakan, Amin Ghobad, Milad Akbari, Amirabbas Hassanzadeh and Barbod Bayat. It also features a piece by Masiha’s late mentor, namely Babak Bayat. The lyrics of the entire album are by Babak Sahraee. Masiha explains that he considers himself an artist of both POP and Classic music, therefore his ambition has been to explore new grounds in this album which supposedly features edgier music than the singer’s usual repertoire. The part that I am thrilled about is that someone in this industry of ours, both the LA and domestic branches, has actually bothered and tried to be illustratively creative when it comes to the album’s artwork! Instead of taking a portrait and stamp a name, title and label on it! Last time I saw something similar was on Chavoshi’s “Ye Shaakhe Niloofar”.

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