Someone’s gone ape!

This five seconds long clip has just been released to hype the reboot of the Planet of the Apes franchise that is about to go down in August. Last time this franchise saw a reboot was ten years ago by Tim Burton. I personally liked that remake, despite my complicated relation to Burton’s work, but sadly or luckily it never saw a sequel due to popular failure.

The upcoming “Rise of the Planet Apes” which takes place in modern-day San Francisco has a relatively unknown director and unlike the masked apes of the past these new apes will all be CGI, acted and animated by Andy Serkis and Peter Jackson’s competent Weta Digital crew in “Lord of the Rings”. They even worked on the remake of the “King Kong”, thus the lifelike appearance of the ape.

Even a cast featuring Victor Franco bodes well, granted that his curriculum vitae is filled with both hit and shit! I am just glad they haven’t put the lovely Freida Pinto in a monkey suit! Hehe

Update: the trailer is released

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