Departure of an Iranian icon of fashion

We are saddened and sorry to inform that Bijan Pakzad has passed away, at the age of 67. The tragic news was just announced by Jimmy Delshad, mayor of Beverly Hills via Twitter.The Iranian-born and California-based designer literally made a trademark of his name after having immigrated to the United States in the 70’s. He became internationally famous for his exclusive, extravagant and expensive designs. From fashion to weapon! Bijan’s boutique at the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills has through the years hosted many men of power, from the stages of states to the stages of Hollywood. Unlike many men and women in his position, Bijan proudly kept and always flaunted his Iranian name and identity, using them to put that exotic elegance to his creativity and credibility. Bijan will continue being an icon in our popular culture and history, may his visionary soul rest in eternal peace.

Let’s watch this interview in loving memory of Bijan …

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