Charade of thrones

Last night HBO’s extremely hyped fantasy saga “Game of Thrones” premiered after a year in production and thereby gave a long-awaited orgasm to all the fans of fantasy around the globe! Fantasy as a genre is nothing new to television format, in fact at the moment there are several fantasy series running on several networks. However none that tries to meet a cinematic standard in terms of production quality, something which “Game of Thrones” does. It is a qualitative descendant of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

I’m sure for those who “read” fantasy novels and for those who dress up and role-play the long and pretentious dialogues of “Game of Thrones” are like a prolonged foreplay, for the impatient me however who only “watch” fantasy for the sole purpose of seeing an action parade of fantastic creatures and supernatural wonders all the talking and walking back and forth is like a prolonged anticlimax! Even its many erotic scenes are despite their nature anticlimactic for me, which should say a lot!lol The high production quality tempts me to continue watching it in this drought of decent television series, however the urge of fast-forwarding boring dialogues, meaningless and time-consuming arrivals and departures, makes me wait to watch the whole season once its released on Blu-ray. Make no mistake though, if you are a hardcore fantasy fan then watch it! You will love it!

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