To eat or not to eat, that is no question!

My dear/your fellow reader Arash asked me a question about my eating habits, I was thinking about to write a post about it a while ago so as I was replying to Arash’s mail I thought to myself why not share it here as well, so that anyone who is interested can take part of it.

“Hey man, from the food pictures you post I assume you always eat healthy food that actually look appetizing…Do you follow a recipe book or something? if yes do you have any recommendations? or perhaps it’s spontaneous?…Thanks”

Yes, I try to always eat healthy since two and a half years back, when I changed lifestyle. However I am not a recipe kind of guy, unless I am making something in particular I cook things spontaneously. I know the basic concept of cooking, when I see what’s in the refrigerator I try to do the best out of it. With a pinch of creativity!

I choose to stick to things to leave out, rather than things to include in order to make it healthy. For instance I never use sugar and I do not use any other fat than olive oil and fish oil (Omega-3). When you leave out these two factors the rest simply takes care of itself. Since I train intensively and on daily basis I eat a lot of pasta (carbohydrates) and meat (protein), but lean meat. Carbohydrates are great if you workout, some people are afraid of them, since they don’t move enough to burn them. But if you do train and burn what you eat, then you need the fuel they provide. Otherwise you would be going on empty and I promise you that you wont be able to lift much with that kind of steam!

When I lost nearly 50 kg of my weight in the course of a year, it included both fat and muscle tissues. I ate minimally and trained cardio, no resistance training to build muscles. I had to do that in order to be able to rebuild my body from the ground. I have in one and a half year built up 25 kg of muscle mass, through hardcore resistance training. That means that some days I train two sessions! For such explosiveness you need to eat properly, otherwise you will faint! If you don’t your body will burn your hard earned muscle tissues, instead of fuel.

I eat almost everything, since there is good things in almost everything, but more regularly (preferably every three hours) and in smaller portions. Overall less fat and sugar in their purest forms makes your food healthier. But no matter how you eat your yin, you can not complete the circle without the yang, the physical training!

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