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Sinking around the sea

What you see is not a sinking boat, but rather a speeding boat designed to look that way by the French designer Julien Berthier. Even though its only half the size of a normal boat, it is fully functioning and … Continue reading

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Padphone, the crossdressing phone

After all the talk about the iPad I never bought one! Why? Because I found out that it doesn’t have a USB-port! Sure you can buy one of those so called Camera Connection Kit accessories for an additional price but … Continue reading

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New Release: Mazyar Fallahi – “Ghalbe Yakhi”

After many bootlegs comes Mazyar Fallahi’s official album debut. The album contains 13 tracks of which 8 are previously unreleased and 5 are old favourites. The title “Ghalbe Yakhi” is taken from the popular television series which Fallahi has sang … Continue reading

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Second degree, checked off!

Yes, my second round of studies have come to an end. Finally! And I’m in celebration mode at the moment. It’s been a tough time, but well worth while. Anyway, just wanted to share this achievement with you as you … Continue reading

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Retro stereo robot

The Italian brand Brionvega has brought back the design of the 60’s and 70’s through the revival of the Castiglioni brothers’ robot stereo Radiofonografio from 1965, now called RR226. Back in the 60’s this electronic device included a radio and … Continue reading

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I prefer my women unretouched

As a lover of women of all shapes, colours and sizes I hate, HATE, it when photos of naturally beautiful women get retouched! In most cases completely unnecessary. Its not like removing a pimple or bruise, but more like putting … Continue reading

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He who impales, better be ready to get impaled!!

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