Tired and worn-out, …but soon there!

I have just arrived at the university, earlier than anyone. Earlier than its janitor, it seems!lol Not long left to submission and I am right on schedule, the thesis is coming along excellently. But I am beat, worn-out and tired! Because halfway through the process I took a wild chance and decided to double the bet. That means I doubled the aim and purpose of the study and thereby was the amount of work to be done suddenly …doubled! If you are an ambitions person I strongly advice you to avoid lectures that might lead to new inspirations, when you are already in the process of a study!lol Nevertheless I made it, and I made it on time. It took many nights of oil-burning but I am right there on the initial schedule. The entire thesis is written and I am now down into micro details, polishing and refining. I tell you what though, after this I need a serious time off this summer! And then the subject of focus in this song and video, which is on repeat right now, will get my undivided attention as subject of study!lol 😉

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