Animated for adults

I have two recommended features for those of you who enjoy graphic novels and animated features for the mature audience. Its not unusual nowadays that these two mediums are enjoyed by both children and adults equally, but on two different levels of expectation, perception and understanding. These two features are however mainly for the adults.

The first one is “The Illusionist” or “L’illusionniste” as its called in original language. This one is not even for every adult, but rather adults who enjoy artsy films and have patience enough to sit and watch an artist paint amazing city and landscape paintings in aqvarelle without saying a word, for … one and a half hour! Yes, “L’illusionniste” is a visual meditation. It has a unique blend of classic and digital animation that creates subtle magic, and a pace most likely slower than your breath-taking! Its semi-silent narrative is gentle and its story charming as a fine vintage French wine. “L’illusionniste” is based on Jacques Tati’s original script and the main character is designed based on Tati’s appearance and performance. Admittedly I was never a Tati fan, I rather shared the temper and humour of Louis de Funès. But as an animated character I really enjoyed the great French icon, which Tati really is!

The second animated feature that is only meant for the adult audience is “Chico & Rita”, which unlike “L’illusionniste” enjoys a rather fast pace and a graphic novel narrative (it is based on a graphic novel), with art influenced by the ART DECO style. In a way it is rather reminiscent of “Waltz with Bashir”, in its animation and political purpose. Both of these features are culturally charged and bring their respective continental flavour to the table. If “L’illusionniste” was like a glass of vintage wine “Chico & Rita” is more like a mojito cocktail! Jazzy and spicy.

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