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Time for some serious head-banging!

The Big 4: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are all in town this weekend and my “date” has got me tickets … it’s not really my flavour of rock (not my ears’ either) but when your lady asks you to … Continue reading

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Wash your hands with soap and style

When you think of sink and hand basins its not exactly the form that comes to your mind, but rather the function. That’s why the classic design still ’til this day rules the international market. There are however interesting alternatives … Continue reading

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Pick up the phone, Lenny!

Haha, not really handsfree! Is it!lol This will be perceived either really funky or fail! What do you think?

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Game away on the way

Are you planning to go away on vacation and risk missing your gaming consoles? Have no fear! The pricey G155 Mobile Gaming Environment comes to your rescue!

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Brave teaser

This will soon be removed so get teased while you can!

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15 years in the dream house

HOUSE music today is almost synonym to CLUB music. But it hasn’t always been like this. In mid-90’s when EURO DISCO and TECHNO were mainstream and ruled the charts HOUSE was an underground genre. And it was more narrow and … Continue reading

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Midsummer in the land of the midnight sun

I’m off now to enjoy one night and two days of non-stop festivities! Have a great midsummer weekend my dear friends.

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Get shaved by an alien

… well not quite! But for only $100,000 you will have the pleasure of shaving your hairy self with extra terrestrial material! Yes, the limited edition Zafirro Iridium is consisted of Sapphire and Iridium, which is meteoroid material. One blade … Continue reading

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Bravo “Brave”!

As you know I really appreciate the teaser posters that are enigmatic and do not give away too much of the story and characters. They literally tease your imagination! The poster for PIXAR’s “Brave” which will be premiered a whole … Continue reading

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Captain coming aboard!

As we are getting closer to the premier of the new TINTIN movie new collectibles are seeing the light of day. WETA which is a creative company co-founded by Peter Jackson and responsible for special visual effects of “Lord of … Continue reading

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