15 years in the dream house

HOUSE music today is almost synonym to CLUB music. But it hasn’t always been like this. In mid-90’s when EURO DISCO and TECHNO were mainstream and ruled the charts HOUSE was an underground genre. And it was more narrow and defined than today’s broader sense of the term. It was mainly, if not only, bold beat-driven and anatomically abstract. Almost no melodies involved. Then a more melodious flavour of HOUSE got presented in 1995, called DREAM HOUSE. This dreamy piano-simulating flavour actually appealed to a broader audience and brought HOUSE music mainstream. With the help of iconic HITS like “One and One” and “Ecuador” it soon replaced EURO DISCO and TECHNO on charts and CLUB scenes!

Around the same time a new compilation series got released in Germany which featured only DREAM HOUSE music and was called accordingly “Dream Dance”. Today, 16 years later and 59 volumes (that makes it up to 4 CDs/year!!!!!!!) later, that series is still putting out records! Even though now featuring all sorts of CLUB music. “Dream Dance Best of 15 Years” is a 2-disc anniversary compilation that has just been released, sampling some of the most nostalgic tracks of the past one and a half decade (and even before that if you wanna consider Jam & Spoon’s “Right in the Night”). This is a piece of history, you don’t wanna miss it!

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