The ultimate kick ass babe

I have several times in this blog declared my infatuation with the MMA fighting babe Gina Carano and I’m pleased to see her debuting in a role that is custom-made for her. Unlike many actresses who just play kick ass on the screen this babe can literally kick both mine and yours any day in real life! And I love her for that!lol

The genre has always been dominated by male actors and characters and its about time that we see a female protagonist  taking on the challenge. Gina has the right blend of all elements that are needed for a female Jason Bourne character, cuteness and toughness combined. We just have to wait and see whether she can actually act, but kudos to Steven Soderbergh for teaming her up with a rather credible male cast, who make “Haywire” look more than just a straight-to-DVD fighting flick. Bring it on babe!

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