Out with ROCK, in with ELECTRO

If you happen to enjoy the music that the Finnish band The Rasmus has delivered in the past, you should check out the newly released solo album of its front-man Lauri. “New World” does not sound far from The Rasmus’ formula, in fact these are the songs that were left out of the band’s album due to their softer tone. As a result “New World” is much more ELECTRO-oriented, something which I personally love about it.

The band’s songs were rather melodious to begin with, but Lauri’s own songs are even softer and lighter. The guitars have been replaced by the synthesizers and as you can hear from the song “Heavy” there are some sweet POP salutes to the 80’s on the album. On its heavier side “New World” reminds of Daft Punk and their FUNKy HOUSE flavour. By the way, the videos are sequential and feature a “Little Big Planet” inspired figure!

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