Pourya’s pick #22

MTV is as we all know no longer a Music channel, thanks mainly to youtube and instant access to a library of videos there is no market for a television channel to make money out of music videos. So MTV is trying new waters, even though stuck with the once-priceless-but-now-worthless-and-irrelevant brand Music Television (MTV). After a few years of reality shows it is now producing actual dramas and TEEN WOLF (not based on the 80’s classic movie) is its latests and perhaps most serious and expensive attempt. I must say that the show is subpar when it comes to visual effects but when it comes to story and characters it is surprisingly better than many shows or even movies about vampires and werewolves! It also makes a nod to the 80’s kitschy horror movies.

Its dark and has a nice twist to its narrative, so far I have been really enjoying it (to make it clear I am one of those who hate Twilight and its teen-monster genre, lately even True Blood, and even though this show is from the exact same genre it must have something that those don’t or vice versa). The reason for this introduction in a music-centric post, is that this show has also proved itself to be a good source for less known but interesting artists to make themselves heard. So for once MTV is doing the thing it was once set up to do, namely to introduce new music, instead of looping mainstream hits! One of the songs that caught my attention right away is The Daylights’ “Black Dove”. I love the title (I have a thing for doves in titles and with a black one it instantly gets even better! hehe) and the fact that it reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars makes it even better.

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