It’s been an artful summer

The summer is over and so is my vacation. With the studies behind me and a new job ahead, its been a great summer, a very “creative” summer I must say! I have been drawing, painting and writing on daily basis. Visiting museums and galleries. I have also treated myself to many, many, many collectible and out of print art books! I am not going to say exactly how much I have spent but there has been so many books added to the collection that I had to buy a whole new bookcase!lol Well, that was my way of rewarding myself for four years of hard work and study. Hope you all have had a great summer, my dear friends! I leave you with a new semi-secret project between the Swedish duo JJ and Ne-Yo! Allegedly Ne-Yo, being a fan of the duo, sent them a demo which they re-worked to the song you hear here. Two opposite worlds meet, I like the experimental result!

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