Cutting edge Club Electronica

The UK-based duo NERO have such cutting edge to their CLUB ELECTRONICA that they make DAFT PUNK sound decade old (even though it’s hard not to see and hear the Frenchmen’s influence)! The singles have promised a lot through the past year but I’m glad to hear that the album delivers exactly that and a lot more.

Its easy to get greedy when you are in the DANCE music industry and release an album full of sloppy fillers, but NERO are perfectionists who have polished the tiniest sound element and put the collection on the highest end. Its ambiently dark and sinister, yet lit up by flickering fluorescent POP.

This ambition plus clever music video and album cover concepts, together make “Welcome Reality” one of the best albums of the year. If not the best! The following song has no official video, to my knowledge, but it’s one of my favourites on the album. Perfect blend of retro and futuristic features.

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