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The story of a timeless toy

I don’t think that there is anyone who has never seen or held a piece of LEGO in his hand, heck I remember building with them in early 80’s back in Iran! And even though one might think that they … Continue reading

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Regarding Necar

Don’t forget to check the September issue of Regard magazine for new photos of the Iranian actress Necar Zadegan. Or you can just check them here!

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Should I go gecko?

I think I’ve found my next hair style!

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Persian carpet shoes

Check out designer Anton Repponen‘s latest Persian carpet cut shoes from his so called Persian Collection! Now, is that carpet chic or carpet kitch?!

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A sketch from scratch ….

… I did today, with only a vague idea in mind, to see how it develops and where it leads. Its a nice way of keeping the creative juices flowing and prevent a block!

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