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God in 5 minutes and 6000 images

An impressive animated graduation film by Reza Dolatabadi, using 6000 painted images to create five minutes of running time. Further information: Director and art director: Reza Dolatabadi Written by Reza Dolatabadi & Mark Szalos Farkas Animation by Adam Thomson Music … Continue reading

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Comfortable in her skin

We have all seen the image and witnessed the controversy it has aroused in the Iranian online community during the past 24 hours. Well, that image is nothing compared to what you see in the related spot directed by Par … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror on the wall …

… who’s the busiest blogger of them all?

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Cutting edge Club Electronica

The UK-based duo NERO have such cutting edge to their CLUB ELECTRONICA that they make DAFT PUNK sound decade old (even though it’s hard not to see and hear the Frenchmen’s influence)! The singles have promised a lot through the … Continue reading

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RIP iCon …

If you have been reading my blog these past few years then you know what a source of inspiration Steve Jobs has been for me, needless to say I am truly sad this morning … he will be dearly missed … Continue reading

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Back in the bunny days

I have been so busy with work that I have managed to miss the premier of the new NBC drama series “The Playboy Club” which tries to recreate the golden days of Playboy. You know, the time when Hef still … Continue reading

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The talented trunk

Did you know that elephants were talented painters?! Here is another one at work …

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The magic board

The Cintiq 24HD is out and costs $2499. It’s an IPS monitor with 2048 pressure levels, which makes it possible to view from any angle with almost no colour gradation! I’m drooling!

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Pourya’s pick #24

I like the song, but what I like the most about this video is that female DJ! I have no idea whether she is an actual DJ or just someone pretending to spin on screen, but watching her in that … Continue reading

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Digital translation of your organic sketches

Wacom is releasing the Inkling digital sketch pen this month, which captures your work digitally while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any standard piece of paper. Inkling also allows you to create layers in digital files while you … Continue reading

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