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The ruination of Hugo Cabret

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick is one of my favourite picture-books. It is very unusually a picture book that tells its story only through pictures, more in style with a graphic novel! The story which is loosely … Continue reading

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Pourya’s pick #22

MTV is as we all know no longer a Music channel, thanks mainly to youtube and instant access to a library of videos there is no market for a television channel to make money out of music videos. So MTV … Continue reading

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In case you have missed the teaser for the upcoming Avengers movie shown after Captain America at the cinemas, here it is! It looks MARVELous!

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Art Scene Investigation

If you are a fan of art history and forensic technology then I highly recommend you the new BBC series “Fake or Fortune”, which is basically like CSI but for the art world! Each documentary episode starts with a disputed … Continue reading

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I’m going ape soon!

The teasers and trailers for the new Planet of Apes movie just keep getting better and better! Now after having seen this one I can’t wait to see the whole damn thing!lol

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The ultimate kick ass babe

I have several times in this blog declared my infatuation with the MMA fighting babe Gina Carano and I’m pleased to see her debuting in a role that is custom-made for her. Unlike many actresses who just play kick ass … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s trick to make short men tall!

By putting them on a pallet!loool That’s the secret VFX, now revealed! 😉

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Archetypes of psychology

As a fan of psychology I am really looking forward to David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method” which is based on the documented relationship of the two icons or appropriately said archetypes of the discipline, namely Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. … Continue reading

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New TINTIN trailer

The new TINTIN trailer is out and reveals more footage of the characters! Tasty!

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Celebrating Spielberg

If you are a fan of Steven Spielberg or art of cinema in general there is a recent celebration of him and an interview done by fellow directors JJ Abrams and James Cameron. Its nearly two hours long but highly … Continue reading

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