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Who sang “Abdelkader” in Persian?

A few years ago I heard a Persian version of the song “Abdelkader” in Persian, a version with a nationalistic “Man Irooniam” theme! But I have no idea who the singers are! If there is anyone who knows I’d appreciate if … Continue reading

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Inquiry: Mansour and Bahman 22nd?

Its been brought to my attention that “Mansour’s “Daad o Bidaad” might be derived from a revolutionary song! An original dedicated to Bahman 22nd ! If you know more about this please don’t hesitate to contact me! Also a dear … Continue reading

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The Other Face of Piracy

Music piracy has two faces! One is a popular face which gets rightfully repeatedly portrayed and bashed in the media and the other is the industrial face which the industry tries hard to veil and cover from public exposure and scrutiny! … Continue reading

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