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The story of a timeless toy

I don’t think that there is anyone who has never seen or held a piece of LEGO in his hand, heck I remember building with them in early 80’s back in Iran! And even though one might think that they … Continue reading

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Persian carpet shoes

Check out designer Anton Repponen‘s latest Persian carpet cut shoes from his so called Persian Collection! Now, is that carpet chic or carpet kitch?!

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The magic board

The Cintiq 24HD is out and costs $2499. It’s an IPS monitor with 2048 pressure levels, which makes it possible to view from any angle with almost no colour gradation! I’m drooling!

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Digital translation of your organic sketches

Wacom is releasing the Inkling digital sketch pen this month, which captures your work digitally while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any standard piece of paper. Inkling also allows you to create layers in digital files while you … Continue reading

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I am against idolisations in general but there are individuals who not only build themselves up but they also change history through their visions, ambitions and achievements. These people deserve to be looked up to, because they inspire those who … Continue reading

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The Black Beauty

I don’t drive cars, I don’t even like cars believe it or not! That is why I almost never write about cars in my blog. Occasionally I post pictures of the aesthetically appealing vehicles and their features, but that is … Continue reading

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You own hanging ecosystem!

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Alternative plant pots

These cool and all organic plant pots are part of the “Underground” series by the Sweden-based Aurélien Arbet and US-based Jérémie Egry. I think I’m gonna try to make my own journal pot, for the window sill of my bedroom!

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Pick up the phone, Lenny!

Haha, not really handsfree! Is it!lol This will be perceived either really funky or fail! What do you think?

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Game away on the way

Are you planning to go away on vacation and risk missing your gaming consoles? Have no fear! The pricey G155 Mobile Gaming Environment comes to your rescue!

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