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Turning macro to mico

Tilt-shift photography manipulates the depth so that it gives the viewer an impression of watching miniature cityscapes!

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Typo libido

If you are interested in typography this is one clip you must see!

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The ruination of Hugo Cabret

“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick is one of my favourite picture-books. It is very unusually a picture book that tells its story only through pictures, more in style with a graphic novel! The story which is loosely … Continue reading

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It’s been an artful summer

The summer is over and so is my vacation. With the studies behind me and a new job ahead, its been a great summer, a very “creative” summer I must say! I have been drawing, painting and writing on daily … Continue reading

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Art Scene Investigation

If you are a fan of art history and forensic technology then I highly recommend you the new BBC series “Fake or Fortune”, which is basically like CSI but for the art world! Each documentary episode starts with a disputed … Continue reading

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Covering Verne

I discovered the books of Jules Verne rather early in my childhood. The legendary co-founder of science fiction genre (together with H. G. Wells) pulled me away from a time of war and worries into his worlds of wonders and … Continue reading

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Bravo “Brave”!

As you know I really appreciate the teaser posters that are enigmatic and do not give away too much of the story and characters. They literally tease your imagination! The poster for PIXAR’s “Brave” which will be premiered a whole … Continue reading

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ART & LOVE both make you feel good!

Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroaesthetics at the University College of London, scientifically proves that art stimulates the same part of the brain that being in love does!

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Let the sketch-storming begin!

As planned and promised (to myself) I have kick-started my new creative period by sketch-storming after a rather long hiatus. It feels gooood to put the pen against the paper and puuuush! Almost orgasmic! Hehe

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