A sketch from scratch ….

… I did today, with only a vague idea in mind, to see how it develops and where it leads. Its a nice way of keeping the creative juices flowing and prevent a block!

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I never said “I’ll be back!”

But I am back! Back at blogging after eight months of unprecedented absence. Then again, I never said I’ll be gone either. There were things that needed my full attention during this period and got it, but now I’m back to the home that I’ve missed. And to you, my dear reader, whom I am sure have been coming here every single day looking for me!lol And I know that you are so touched right now that you can barely read this text, hehe, so I’m gonna cut it shorter than usual. In fact the blog is gonna be a bit different than usual! But all in due time. Just a last note before I go, like always, if you have anything that you want to share on this blog just drop me an email. Cheers!

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God in 5 minutes and 6000 images

An impressive animated graduation film by Reza Dolatabadi, using 6000 painted images to create five minutes of running time.

Further information:

Director and art director: Reza Dolatabadi
Written by Reza Dolatabadi & Mark Szalos Farkas
Animation by Adam Thomson
Music by Hamed Mafakheri

Winner of the Best Animation Canary Wharf Film Festival (London) Aug, 2008
Award Nominee, Bacup Film Festival (Rossendale) Oct, 2008
Official selection for the “Best Short Film Program? at Waterford Film
Festival (Ireland) November 2008

Official Selections
Marbella International Film Festival (Spain) Oct 2008
Encounter Film Festival (Bristol, UK) Nov 2008
Exposures Film Festival (Manchester, UK) Nov 2008
Renderyard Short Film Festival (London)
Flip Animation Festival (Birmingham) Nov, 2008
Animated Dreams (Tallinn) Nov, 2008
Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival? (Toronto) Nov 2008

Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) (Alaska, USA) December 2008

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Comfortable in her skin

We have all seen the image and witnessed the controversy it has aroused in the Iranian online community during the past 24 hours. Well, that image is nothing compared to what you see in the related spot directed by Par Jean-Baptiste Mondino!

As you surely know by know, I am a hardline supporter of any step towards a sexual emancipation of women in our culture. Women, just like men, should be allowed to feel comfortable in their skin. So you know where I stand when it comes to Golshifteh Farahani choosing to exposing her body, specially when the nudity is tastefully displayed. I salute this young woman for her brave heart. What I can not understand however is why she is the only one whose nipples are shown?!! Or the only one who shows her nipples!?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall …

… who’s the busiest blogger of them all?

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Cutting edge Club Electronica

The UK-based duo NERO have such cutting edge to their CLUB ELECTRONICA that they make DAFT PUNK sound decade old (even though it’s hard not to see and hear the Frenchmen’s influence)! The singles have promised a lot through the past year but I’m glad to hear that the album delivers exactly that and a lot more.

Its easy to get greedy when you are in the DANCE music industry and release an album full of sloppy fillers, but NERO are perfectionists who have polished the tiniest sound element and put the collection on the highest end. Its ambiently dark and sinister, yet lit up by flickering fluorescent POP.

This ambition plus clever music video and album cover concepts, together make “Welcome Reality” one of the best albums of the year. If not the best! The following song has no official video, to my knowledge, but it’s one of my favourites on the album. Perfect blend of retro and futuristic features.

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